Frankie Stein is known for her gorgeous figure and fashion sense amazing. One bite into a slice of chocolate cake and felt excruciating pain from one tooth Today, during lunch Frankie Stein was sitting with his closest friends. It is long overdue for an appointment with the dentist, and her poor dental hygiene seems to have already caused some damage. He is a much-needed dentist for a checkup so is the rest of the day off Frankie's why. Upon inspection, the dentist Frankie Stein there are some gaps and need emergency treatment onaylar.yönerge follow and that for girls in this fun online dentist games at the school in her brand new smile show, so Frankie Stein teeth to correct the provided tools to use!


Howto play

 Follow the in-game instructions and use your mouse to fix Frankie Stein's teeth! 




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